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AC service: 3 Ways to know you need AC service

When the mercury soars well into the 90s and the humidity tops out near 100 percent in the summer months, it’s nice to know your AC will be there to keep you comfortable. One of the worst feelings on those hot summer days is to expect your unit to cool and have it refuse to cooperate for one malfunction or another. Here are three ways to know that you need AC service and that it’s time to call an AC service company in Stuart.

Terrible Noises

A dead giveaway that you need AC service is scary sounds coming from your machine. If your AC unit makes terrible noises when you turn it on, the time is now to call in the AC service pros in Stuart. Clicking or ticking noises could indicate a problem with the unit’s blower or fan, rattling could point to a loose pulley, and squeaking or humming might just mean trouble with the motor. If your AC is making any of the noises above, turn it off and wait for the technician to arrive to turn it on again so that you prevent further damage to the machine; it is better to wait for AC service than to risk a damaged machine!   

Ice Buildups Indicate AC Service

Picture this—it’s a warm summer day and you’ve dropped your thermostat to a comfortable temperature but you still find yourself sweating inside your home. You check the thermostat and notice that the unit is barely reaching the temperature you set so you head down to the unit to see what’s going on. When you arrive, you see that ice has started to build up on the pipes leading from the unit and maybe even on the unit itself. This is a sign of the unit overworking and is definitely a reason to call in the AC pros for a checkup.

It’s been a while

AC units are expensive machines that require regular service and maintenance to continue working optimally. If it’s been a while since you’ve had an AC service company come out and check on yours, that’s definitely a sign that the time has come to service the machine. On sweltering summer days, you’ll appreciate the reassurance that your unit will keep you cool after an AC technician has looked everything over and ensured things are in good working order.


How to Know When You Need an AC Repair

So you live in a state where the weather is hot, but for some reason your air conditioning unit is not cutting it. How do you know if you need an air conditioning repair? Well, if you’ve experienced any of these symptoms, all you may need to get your cool and comfortable home back is a simple AC repair!


Is the air even on?

Have you adjusted your air conditioning settings multiple times, but your home never gets any cooler? Poor airflow is a main sign your home’s AC system is not working. Usually this sort of problem is caused by some type of blockage within the air conditioning unit such as a clogged filter or broken motor, but can also be a product of a more severe issue. Not treating an air conditioning system with air circulation and ventilation glitches can turn a simple repair into a costly AC replacement.


Hmmm…that doesn’t sound right!

If you are hearing any unusual noises coming from you air conditioning unit, then you need to schedule an inspection. The regular low hum of the unit is normal, but if you hear any clanging, buzzing or abnormal rattling coming from your AC unit, it is time to call for an air conditioning repair in stuart. Nip the problem in the bud by scheduling an AC repair as soon as you hear these troubling sounds, as this is generally not an issue that goes away on its own.


It’s getting hot in here…

The Atlantic coast of Florida has year-round humidity, making an air conditioning unit a must to escape the heat. If you notice your air conditioner blowing out warm air or your home feels just as hot as it does outside then it is time for a repair. Air conditioners are built to auto-regulate humidity levels to prevent minor water damage caused by extreme levels of humidity inside your home. If your AC unit is not preforming any of these services you will want to call for a repair before the issue becomes more serious.


Where did this water come from?

Have you noticed any moisture or pools of liquid building up around your air conditioner? If so, you probably need an air conditioning repair. Usually excess moisture build-up is not too severe of a problem and can be fixed rather easily. However, if you are noticing pools of water around your air conditioner, then it is time to call the AC Doctors in Port St. Lucie immediately. Stagnant pools of water not only indicate your cooling system is not working properly, but can also lead to flooring and structural damages if left unattended.


Something stinks!

One surefire way to know if your air conditioner needs a repair is if you smell some unusual and irregular odors around your home. If the source of these odors is your air conditioner, then it is definitely time to get it looked at before the smell becomes worse. In instances of bad odor, you will need to have the air conditioner inspected to determine if a simple repair, such as a duct cleaning, will suffice.


Investing in an air conditioning repair is essential to providing a comfortable environment at home and can be costly if put off for too long. The heat in Port St. Lucie, Florida is 24/7 so why wait for an air conditioning repair?


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