How often should you change your A/C filter?

Changing an A/C filter isn’t a big deal, unless you forget to change it. Sometimes you may not remember when you changed the filter last. If you haven’t changed the filter in a few months, now is definitely the right time to change it.

Cheap Filters Should Be Changed Monthly

The least expensive filters are designed to be used for a single month and tossed away. If you fail to change it, the filters become clogged with dust and are no longer effective. The monthly filters are not made to do their job for more than the recommended month. 

Bi- or Tri-Monthly Filters

If you pay more for filters, you can change them every other month or every three months. These filters have extra perks, like hypoallergenic sifters for pet dander and pet hair. The quality of air sent back up into your home is healthier as it is able to do a better job at filtering the air. Additionally, if you frequently forget to change filters, having the built-in convenience of changing them every other month or every three months helps.

Avoid the Burnt Smell

People often tell HVAC technicians that they smell something funny when they turn on their heat. If you don’t change your filters, you are getting the remnants of dirt and dust as the heated air is forced through the filter. It is old, stale, and smells funny when hot. Change your filter to avoid the burnt smell.