What you can expect during a replacement?

What you can expect during a replacement

HVAC stands for “Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.” If you are slated for an HVAC replacement, it could be one or more of these components that help keep your home warm or cool. Replacement projects for each item have a different set of expectations exclusive to each job.

What You Can Expect from an A/C System Replacement

At least two technicians will arrive at your home on the scheduled day. Refrigerant will be properly removed from the existing equipment and then power will be turned off to the entirety of your HVAC system. They will then begin removing the equipment from its power, drain line(s), duct work, hurricane straps and refrigerant line sets. The installation of your new equipment will vary depending on your home’s needs. You will receive new hurricane straps, new drain safety switches, a new emergency drain pan and any electrical alterations that are deemed necessary. Most installations include basic duct alterations to attach to your new equipment. If platform work for your new air handler is required, it will be corrected. That goes for your outside unit as well, as we can provide new slabs as needed. After the equipment’s installation, a start up checklist will be completed to ensure that the equipment will function as intended. Expect to block off about six to eight hours for most installations.

What You Can Expect from Ventilation Duct Replacements

In terms of ventilation replacements, it’s almost always ductwork. Some ducts are removed and reworked to go in different directions. Other ducts are replaced because they are worn out or something has damaged them, causing air leaks. Short of completely redesigning and reinstalling ducts, most ventilation ductwork is completed in just an hour or two. Taking a couple of hours off of work is all you need.